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Volkswagen Digital Solutions opens IT hub in Porto

"We're not just opening a new office. We're celebrating the combination of tradition and the future. This is our grand entrance into the north of Portugal". This is how Volkswagen Digital Solutions announced its arrival in Porto. The German automotive giant is growing its team working from the city center.

Volkswagen Digital Solutions opens IT hub in Porto
08 Apr 2024

For the City Council for Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Ricardo Valente, "the arrival of a company such as Volkswagen Digital Solutions in Porto and in an office space in the city center is a demonstration of the results of an investment attraction strategy that not only adds economic value to the city, but also induces occupational multifunctionality even in the city center."

The technology center, which develops innovative solutions for the Volkswagen automobile group, invested in expanding to Porto "recognizing the qualified talent in Porto, especially in Porto and the surrounding areas", the German group stresses.

It started with 20 workers, who were already working in a hybrid regime from the north of the country, and who "were able to choose to move to the new location and kick off in the city of Porto". But recruitment is continuing.

In a statement, the managing director of Volkswagen Digital Solutions, Jürgen Reimann, said that "the previous targets were 500 people in Portugal. In the meantime, we've agreed that we're going to expand the number of people and we're even discussing with the group's brands the possibility of having more, which shows the group's true emergence into digital transformation."

"We are here to show that Volkswagen Digital Solutions will be an integral part of this community, connecting not only through technology, but culturally as well," the company assures.

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