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"Greater Porto" wants to bring more foreign direct investment to the Atlantic Front

"Greater Porto", an entity made up of the municipalities of Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia and Matosinhos, will once again be present at MIPIM 2024 in Cannes (France), the world's largest real estate fair, which runs from Tuesday 12th until Friday 15th.

"Greater Porto" wants to bring more foreign direct investment to the Atlantic Front
11 Mar 2024

This is a moment of enormous commitment for the three municipalities to expand their territory, strengthening the capacity of their offer, in a high-level presentation of the areas to international investors, to generate new opportunities for employment, investment and attracting international companies to the region. The municipalities that make up "Greater Porto" will be accompanied by companies active in the sector and in their respective municipalities.

"This MIPIM shows a territory with the capacity to consistently be a world showcase for attracting investment," acknowledges the City Council for Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship. "Greater Porto, in its second year of presence, seeks to give visibility to a dynamic economy with investment opportunities on an international level," adds Ricardo Valente.

Showcases, conferences and live experiences are just some of the many items on offer at this year's MIPIM, which will be attended by around 90 countries, more than 300 stands, 2,500 representatives and more than 6,500 investors. "All the leaders in one place" is the motto of the event, to be held at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.