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Investors and talent matched at Universidade Lusíada

The Universidade Lusíada, in Porto, hosted the 'Join the game: how to connect funding & talent?' event, an initiative aimed at connecting investors and talent. At the event, which took place on May 8th at the Universidade Lusíada Campus in Porto, investors and talents took the first steps towards creating joint projects.

Investors and talent matched at Universidade Lusíada
14 May 2024
The encounter between projects seeking funding and investors seeking new ideas with potential is not always easy. However, it is crucial for some ideas to grow and establish themselves in Portugal and international markets.

The aim of "Join the game: how to connect funding & talent?" was to foster this connection and bring talent and investment together in one place. This event was a joint partnership between the Leading Investors Program of the Porto City Council, the company DeHouse, and Universidade Lusíada – Norte.

The event featured two panel discussions and the "Connect" game, in which companies and investors participated. The aim was to forge positive connections that could potentially materialize into mutually beneficial partnerships.

The panel "Connections between funding and talent" featured the presence of Councilor Ricardo Valente, the Senior Talent Development Manager of Blip (a company participating in the Leading Investors Program), and the Vice President of the Minho Business Association. The second panel discussed "Talent and funding in Entrepreneurship".