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Municipality brings a unique and dynamic Porto to the QSP Summit

"The city is different every year and people notice a very dynamic Porto", underlines Ricardo Valente, next to the stand where InvestPorto, TERA, ScaleUp Porto and Great Wine Capitals initiatives were presented.

Municipality brings a unique and dynamic Porto to the QSP Summit
Porto. · 30 Jun 2023
QSP Summit 2023 brought together over 3 000 people, 120 exhibitors and 70 expert speakers in the areas of management and marketing. Once again, the Municipality of Porto was at the event to show what differentiates the city and makes it dynamic in several areas.

Certain that the event is "very important from the point of view of the region's capacity to lead a conference that, in a certain way, brings back transforming ideas and brings a lot to the area of management and marketing", the Councillor for Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Ricardo Valente confirms that "what we bring the Porto connected to the economy, to entrepreneurship, to talent and, this year, also the Porto connected to wines", the differentiating factor for the location of companies in the region.

Ricardo Valente, believes that the QSP Summit is "the demonstration of what the city wants to be: multifunctional, multipolar, open to discussion and with the capacity to project disruptive ideas".

InvestPorto showcased two key projects, the Porto Leading Investors, that aims to promote the most strategic and prominent companies in the Porto area and the B2B Marketplace, a platform that helps companies and investors finding trusted service providers in the city.
Presented as "one of the most influential management experts of our time", Gary Hamel held the attention of all participants at the first session of QSP Summit. Addressing the topic of current leadership challenges, the author and professor asked and answered, "are we changing our organisations as fast as the world around us? No".

At the end of the session, the councillor for Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship believes that "the connection between organisations and people, the focus on a non-bureaucratic process, is something that says a lot to us, in the public sector".

According to Ricardo Valente, "One of the major challenges in management lies in empowering individuals, cultivating their interest, and transforming organisations into instruments that serve the people, rather than viewing people as mere instruments of the organisation".