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MIPIM 2024: toward a more sustainable global real estate future

MIPIM, the main urban global festival on real estate, is back on the international agenda. This prestigious event takes place in France and gathers the most influential players in the industry.

MIPIM 2024: toward a more sustainable global real estate future
11 Dec 2023
The fourth edition of MIPIM an annual event shaping the future of the global housing market, returns to the city of Cannes from March 12th to 15th. The festival's mission remains the same: to inspire the international real estate community to create more sustainable, livable, and prosperous housing alternatives for all.

By positioning itself as a catalyst for concrete solutions in the real estate sector, MIPIM helps create a fertile ground so that development opportunities and global capital can drive change.

Through exhibitions, networking events, and in-person discussions among leaders, investors, property consultants, construction companies, and influential local and regional authorities, this festival serves as a conducive platform for the exchange of innovative and tangible perspectives capable of boosting significant transformations.

Recognizing the importance of this event, Greater Porto invites the local real estate community to be part of MIPIM 2024. To participate, you only need to send an email to until December 21st 2023.

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