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IT sector recruits ambassadors at universities

IT Sector launched in March the IT Squad ambassador program with university students from Porto. IT Sector, a leading tech company with a development center in Porto, has embarked on a mission to engage more closely with university students through its IT Squad ambassador program. This initiative relies on ambassadors to promote job opportunities, initiatives, and the vibrant company culture.

IT sector recruits ambassadors at universities
23 Apr 2024
In March, the Porto Leading Investor IT Sector launched the IT Squad ambassador program simultaneously in its development centers in Porto and Braga. Tailored for university students majoring in Computer Engineering or related fields, who embody proactivity, responsibility, and dynamism, the initiative aims to bridge the gap between the company and Academia.

These young ambassadors will forge a unique connection with the company, renowned for its specialization in the digital transformation of financial institutions. In addition to promoting IT Sector's opportunities and initiatives, they will actively collaborate with professional teams, participate in challenges, and acquire experiences crucial for their post-university journey.

For these ambassadors, IT Squad offers exclusive event access, networking opportunities, and recognition from peers and professors. It's also an opportunity to spotlight their program, shed light on key challenges, and navigate potential obstacles they may encounter in their transition to professional life.

Participation in this initiative allows them to enrich their resumes, enhance skills, and advance their careers in the tech sector. By immersing themselves in innovative projects developed by the company, they augment their university-acquired knowledge with hands-on experience, giving them a competitive edge as they enter the job market upon graduation.