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Kuehne+Nagel Secures 8th Position in Great Place to Work Ranking for 2024

Kuehne+Nagel, a global leader in logistics and supply chain management, has proudly announced its attainment of the 8th position in the prestigious Great Place to Work ranking for Best Workplaces in Portugal for 2024. This accomplishment underscores the company's unwavering dedication to fostering a supportive, inclusive, and engaging environment for its employees.

Kuehne+Nagel Secures 8th Position in Great Place to Work Ranking for 2024
02 Apr 2024

Gonçalo Sá, the head of the Porto IT Centre, expressed profound gratitude towards the workforce, emphasizing their pivotal role in the company's success. "At Kuehne+Nagel Portugal, we firmly believe that our team members are the cornerstone of our success. Their dedication, passion, and hard work have propelled us to this remarkable recognition," stated Sá. He further added, "It is their collective effort that has made this achievement possible. To our amazing people and dedicated teams: thank you!"

The recognition extends beyond the Porto IT Centre, encompassing various departments within the company, from logistics teams to IT Hubs. This accolade reinforces the notion that when employees feel valued, respected, and motivated, they are capable of achieving greatness.

The company's commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and cultivating a workplace where success knows no limits is evident in its ongoing endeavors. This recognition serves as a catalyst for Kuehne+Nagel to elevate its standards further and pursue even greater heights of success in the future.

The acknowledgment from Great Place to Work not only validates Kuehne+Nagel's efforts but also inspires the company to continue its journey towards excellence with renewed vigor and determination.

In conclusion, Kuehne+Nagel's achievement in securing the 8th position in the Great Place to Work ranking for 2024 is a testament to its unwavering commitment to creating an environment where employees thrive, innovate, and contribute to the company's overall success.