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Volkswagen is already leading the transformation of the automobile sector from Porto

Volkswagen Digital Solutions (VWDS) is leading the transformation of the automotive sector from the center of Porto. The City Council for Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship attended the first official working day of the German giant's new technology center, which is growing its team in the city. For Ricardo Valente, "this inauguration shows how well tradition and technology come together," and Porto, "as of today, is part of the VWDS project, creating new paths of transformation in an industry that is completely changing, such as the automotive sector."

Volkswagen is already leading the transformation of the automobile sector from Porto
13 May 2024

"The arrival of a company the size of the Volkswagen Group in an office space in the city center clearly demonstrates the result of the city's regeneration strategy induced by attracting investment, retaining talent and focusing on the openness to innovation that we have been developing in Porto's economy," said the City Council.

Volkswagen Digital Solutions, which develops tools and applications to make vehicle production more efficient, has invested in expanding to Porto "recognizing the qualified talent in Porto, especially in Porto and the surrounding areas", the German group stresses.

"We're here to show that the company will be an integral part of this community, connecting not only through technology, but culturally as well," says the technology company.

The inauguration of the technology center in Porto was attended by the directors of VWDS, representatives of VW Group, VW Group IT Services and the "sister company", MAN.