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InvestPorto unveils redesigned platform showcasing Porto’s investment possibilities

InvestPorto announces the relaunch of, offering a fresh experience for investors, business professionals, founders, and talent interested in Porto.

InvestPorto unveils redesigned platform showcasing Porto’s investment possibilities
16 Feb 2023

The new platform provides easy access to information about Porto's business ecosystem and investment opportunities, as well as range of new online services designed to support users doing business in Porto.

"Our goal with this new platform is to showcase the many reasons why Porto is a top destination for business, while also providing easy access to relevant information and support," said Ricardo Valente, City Councillor for Economy, Employment, and Entrepreneurship. "From our thriving economy and supportive business ecosystem to our rich cultural heritage and quality of life, Porto truly has it all. We're confident that the new platform will leave a lasting impression on visitors and encourage them to take advantage of the investment opportunities available in our city."

The platform features a new message, "Why Porto", that highlights six of the top reasons to choose Porto as a place to invest and do business. The platform also invites users to "Discover Opportunities" in nine strategic sectors that are shaping the future of the city, including digital and IT services, business service centres, and others. In addition, InvestPorto has gathered the success stories of 48 companies in Porto, showcasing the city's competitive and attractive ecosystem.

The platform includes a welcome message from the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, and City Councillor, Ricardo Valente, emphasizing the importance of private investment for Porto's sustainable development strategy. The platform provides a comprehensive overview of InvestPorto and its mission heading the city’s investment promotion strategy, as well as its solid track record in attracting, and supporting key investments in the city. Since 2015, InvestPorto has supported over 450 investment projects in Porto, creating over 17,800 jobs and attracting more than 1 billion euros in private capital investment.

Visitors to the site can stay informed about the latest business developments and events in Porto by visiting the "News & Events" section of the platform. This section provides visibility and emphasis to the new projects and companies in the city and is updated regularly to keep visitors informed.


New online services

The platform also offers three new digital services that are designed to make it easier for users to do business in Porto.

The eSupport line is a dedicated contact line where users can request tailored support and information from InvestPorto about investing or doing business in Porto.

The InvestPorto B2B marketplace is a network of local expert providers, vetted by InvestPorto, that offer a wide range of business services to investors and companies. The marketplace is open, easy to use, and free of charge, and provides an opportunity for local companies to attract new clients. So far, 44 local service providers have joined the marketplace in eight categories of B2B services, including accounting and tax advisory, recruitment and HR solutions, legal advisory, real estate solutions, and more.

The Incentives guide provides up-to-date information about investment incentives in a simplified way, making it easy for both private and corporate investors to find information about available incentives, such as tax benefits, municipal incentives, employment support schemes, and visa programs. So far, the tool has information about 31 incentives divided into six categories. InvestPorto will continue to update and add more information to the Incentives Guide to make it the most comprehensive tool for investors to find information about this topic.

The new platform also introduces My InvestPorto, a new feature allowing users to manage their interactions with InvestPorto in one place. By creating a My InvestPorto account, users can track all requests sent to InvestPorto, message local expert service providers through the InvestPorto B2B Marketplace, save information about incentives, and receive custom notifications on topics of interest.

Start your journey today at! InvestPorto is excited to launch this new platform and invites you to discover the many opportunities available in Porto.