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An entrepreneurial city with creativity in its DNA
Culture & creative industries
Key Advantages

Porto is at the forefront of the Portuguese creative industries, especially in design-based consumer goods in the fashion, clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, and jewellery sectors.

#1 -Access to the large textile, fashion, and footwear clusters of Portugal’s Northern Region

Portugal’s Northern Region is recognized internationally for the quality and capabilities of its textile, clothing, and footwear manufacturers, which have long been one of the main drivers of Portuguese industrial exports. Many international fashion companies now look toward the city’s nascent fashion sector to design and manufacture the latest fashion products, or to develop new technological solutions for marketing and sales. The textile, clothing, footwear/leather industries have a significant weight in the Northern region’s economy, with a combined turnover of 7.9 billion euros and a workforce of over 152 thousand workers in 2020.

#2 -Explore the city’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Boom

The local creative industries work side by side with cultural tourism, cultural marketing, and Porto’s urban regeneration movement, helping to a great extent the international promotion of Porto’s Historical Centre. The activities associated with the production, distribution, and promotion of cultural and creative contents have played a key role in the industry, essentially because of the city's recent investment in the preservation and enhancement of its cultural and touristic heritage.

Porto also has a busy cultural agenda throughout the year, known for its quality and excellent programming suitable for many types of audiences, such as Portugal Fashion, the largest Portuguese fashion industry event (hosted in the city since 1995). Venues such as the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Casa da Música, and the São João National Theatre are particularly noteworthy.

#3 -Creative and Highly Qualified Talent

The city’s human resource pool has an outstanding talent in fields such as textile engineering, fashion design, and marketing. Over 4,500 university students graduate each year in Arts, Audio-visual and Media Production, Design, Marketing and Advertising, Architecture and Urbanism degrees offered in Porto's macro-region1. Porto is known for its pool of "creative people” with the necessary entrepreneurial spirit, skills, information, knowledge, and talent.

Northern Portugal plus a part of the Centre Region (comprising the districts of Aveiro, Coimbra, and Viseu)

#4 -Support for Entrepreneurship

Universities in the city of Porto provide key support to the creative industries through R&D activities, knowledge sharing, and the active promotion of student entrepreneurship. For instance, Porto Design Factory of Porto Polytechnic has launched, together with other entities, two acceleration programs in the field of design and music. Other key players include UPTEC - Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto, the School of Arts at the Catholic University, and the Serralves Foundation.

#5 -Available Incentives

In Porto, a broad range of incentives and business support measures are available for companies in the Culture & creative industries sector. Use our Incentives guide tool to learn more.

You can also contact us directly to receive tailored support for your project.

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