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Porto is the ninth-best city in the world according to Time Out magazine

Porto is the ninth-best city in the world according to Time Out magazine
09 Sep 2021

The ranking prepared by the international magazine which was based on 27 thousand responses to a survey, places Porto in the ninth position worldwide.

The attractions of Porto are once again highlighted by Time Out, which places Porto in ninth place in the hierarchy of the best cities in the world. Following a pandemic that forced a change in lifestyle habits, readers of the international magazine did not fail to recognize Porto's differentiating factors.

"A total of 73% of Porto residents considered their city to be great for culture – and even during a pandemic, it's hard to disagree. In the past year, Porto's graffiti artists have been more active than ever, filling in the streets with color, while our immense galleries were also surprisingly active”, begins by pointing out Ana Patrícia Silva, from Time Out Porto.

The same author also notes that Porto stood out, in the opinion of voters, in the field of establishing new friendships: "After Manchester, Porto was the second most voted city in the world for making new friends, with 62% of residents considering it as something easy in the city.”

"Porto has also started to give back public space to its citizens, with an effort to make it more pedestrian, more cycling infrastructure, expanded terraces, and new community gardens. We went to concerts in parks, bought books under the shade of trees, supported local businesses and discovered new ones. Many people started to bake bread, cakes, and biscuits at home, and now many of them have become professionals”, he adds.

In conclusion, Ana Patrícia Silva considers that, if there was something from Porto that all cities could have, it should be Maus Hábitos. "While most of the bars were closed, it was an oasis of concerts, shows, film screenings, exhibitions, poetry, and comedy nights – with good pizza and craft beer," she says.

The world ranking of cities drawn up by Time Out is led by San Francisco, USA, with Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Manchester (UK) completing the podium. Porto appears in ninth position, ahead of Tokyo (Japan), which closes the top-10.

Time Out challenged readers around the world to respond to a survey about their cities, on aspects such as food and drink, but also community projects, green spaces, and sustainability. "We wanted to discover cities that are not only thinking about now, but also about the future. Cities that are making life better for us and our grandchildren", emphasize the magazine's editors.