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Porto hosts the Geek Girls Portugal Conference

Geek Girls Portugal Conference, an event celebrating women in technology, takes place in Porto on April 13th. The Geek Girls Portugal Conference returns featuring lectures, workshops, and job opportunities. Taking place on April 13th, Porto Business School will host and celebrate women in the tech sector.

Porto hosts the Geek Girls Portugal Conference
04 Apr 2024
The Geek Girls Portugal Conference serves as a gathering point for women working in tech or aspiring to pursue a career in this sector. Beyond addressing IT-related topics, it aims to inspire and facilitate networking, fostering the exchange of experiences and providing access to job opportunities and mentorship.

Taking place on April 13th, from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm at Porto Business School, the event will feature discussions covering cybersecurity, social networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and management strategies to enhance team autonomy.

The panel of speakers, consisting of both Portuguese and international professionals, will bring together women with diverse career paths from technology companies and universities.

The event's presence in Porto, a city that has welcomed several international tech companies in recent years, attracting both national and international talent, is yet another testament to the vibrancy of the local tech sector.

The full program is available on the conference website. Participation is free but requires prior registration.

The Geek Girls Portugal Conference marks the 14th anniversary of Geek Girls Portugal, anticipating International Women in Technology Day, celebrated on April 25th. Established in 2010, Geek Girls Portugal is a community aimed at regularly bringing together women working in the tech sector. Its mission is to engage, inspire, and empower women, supporting their development and career progression in the tech industry. To achieve this goal, it organizes events such as meetings, workshops, school awareness sessions, and mentorship programs. The Geek Girls Portugal Conference, now in its second edition in 2024, is one of these initiatives.