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Porto Business School wants to raise a million per year with knowledge creation

Porto Business School will create an innovation ecosystem with five impact centers in the areas of sustainability, tourism, entrepreneurship, AI and African development.

Porto Business School wants to raise a million per year with knowledge creation
Jornal Economico · 08 Nov 2023

José Esteves, dean of Porto Business School, revealed that the school is going to launch a knowledge unit comprising five impact centers, specialized in the key areas of sustainability, tourism, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence (AI) and African development.

The Innovation eXploration Hub (Innovation X Hub - IXH), is made up of the Sustainable Futures Center, Tourism Futures Center, Entrepreneurship Center, AI for Business Center and Africa Futures Center.

Each center, says José Esteves, will have a management and financing model close to companies, with the aim of raising a total of one million euros a year.

Rita Marques, former Secretary of State for Tourism and co-director of the Executive Master in Tourism Management at Porto Business School, will lead the Tourism center. The other centers will be led and strategically guided by professors from the business school and prestigious names in their areas of expertise: Cândida Santos (People Management and Organizational Culture), João Barros (Artificial Intelligence), Ana Jogo Mendes, director of the innovation and entrepreneurship area at Porto Business School, and André Rocha, executive director of the Casais Group and professor at Porto Business School.

"The Innovation X Hub aims to reinforce the integration of Porto Business School into business ecosystems, strengthening our role of impact on the different stakeholders of the economy and society. In this way, we provide a facilitating platform for leaders and technicians to unite teachers, companies and students in favor of innovation," explains José Esteves.

José Esteves adds: "We recognize that global progress does not come in isolation, and we understand the complexities of teaching industries. By overcoming these barriers and promoting collaboration, we aspire to a more sustainable and promising future."

The centers will produce innovation-generating knowledge that responds to social, economic and environmental needs in the five areas of expertise. Companies are the working base and the privileged recipients of the knowledge coming out of the new center. This includes the development and implementation of projects, applied research, the design of cutting-edge educational programmes, the co-creation of innovative solutions for organizations and individuals, advisory services, support and expertise and the creation of sharing communities.

The hub is Porto Business School's response to "the need to understand future global trends" and "strengthen connections" between organizations, individuals, entrepreneurs, industry and academia and respond to the challenges they face today.