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New cowork in downtown Porto, by Marques Soares

New cowork in downtown Porto, by Marques Soares
Idealista · 06 Jul 2020

Marques Soares, an iconic traditional store located in downtown Porto - which opened its doors in 1960 - decided to start a new business. It recently opened SizeCowork, a shared workspace with the capacity to accommodate 100 people in the historic city center. Rents range between 50 and 150 euros.

The building, which was already owned by Marques Soares, was equipped with meeting rooms, training rooms, social rooms, wi-fi, printers and air conditioning. The privileged location in Baixa do Porto, overlooking the monumental Torre dos Clérigos, several public transports, car parks, catering equipment and natural light are "distinctive” and "factors that captivate those looking for this type of spaces”. 

SizeCowork, which had an investment of around 200 thousand euros, "is an excellent solution for companies to reduce their costs, namely with equipment and logistical resources. Simultaneously, working from the noblest area of ​​the city, with controlled costs and where they can even develop contacts in order to find partnerships that will benefit them”, explains Paulo Antunes, administrator of SizeCowork and Marques Soares.

"The decision to pursue this business area arose from the perception that there was a growing demand from individuals and companies, to settle in Baixa do Porto, due to the ease of transport, the associated prestige and the synergies that could be created in terms of work”.