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msg insur:it reinforces its investment in its center of excellence in Porto

The space has been prepared to host not only the msg insur:it team but also community events.

msg insur:it reinforces its investment in its center of excellence in Porto
msg insur:it · 12 Sep 2023

msg insur:it inaugurated the new office in Porto this Thursday. Based in Porto since 2012, the technology company celebrated the opening of its new office on the 7th of September this Thursday. With a flexible concept, the new space opens its doors to welcome the company's talented team as well as the local community.


With a space designed to adapt to the different needs of the team, msg insur:it employees will be able to continue developing innovative solutions for insurers.


According to Jorge Miranda, Regional Manager of msg insur:it in Iberia, the company is excited about the opening of the new office, "which represents the strengthening of the msg group's commitment to the Iberian market, and is a significant milestone in our development."


"The excellent results we have achieved over the last decade in our competence center in Porto fill us with confidence, reinforcing our conviction that we can continue to grow and serve clients all over the world, relying on the exceptional talent and culture we have fostered here," the manager added.

With different environments within a single office, the company continues to focus on the well-being of its employees and reaffirms its growth plans.


"The new office was designed with the well-being and development of our employees in mind. This collaborative space will not only allow us to raise our standards of innovation but will also provide exceptional working conditions for our professionals," Jorge Miranda reinforces.


The manager reiterated the company's commitment to its employees, clarifying that "We value our employees' quality of life and are committed to offering an inspiring environment that promotes creativity and personal development."


Additionally, this new space will also bring the company closer to the surrounding community. With this investment, the technology company hopes to make its new office a place for innovation, collaboration, and joint growth.