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Markant and VisionWare select Porto to grow their business

Porto is still on the radar of prestigious tech companies. This time, it was Markant and VisionWare that have chosen the Portuguese city as the perfect place to grow their business.

Markant and VisionWare select Porto to grow their business
07 Feb 2024
The recent tech hub of Swiss company Markant and the new headquarters of Portuguese tech company VisionWare are now based in Porto. This fact further cements the city's prominent position in the Portuguese business landscape.

The company Markant is going to collaborate with the Portuguese-German tech company, which has already established high-performing software engineering divisions in various technological areas in Porto.

Markant's CEO, Mark Michaelis, acknowledged that the decision to select Porto as the location for the new tech hub was due to the city's "vibrant atmosphere”, as well as its "recent success in a range of technological areas”, and the fact that "it is surrounded by several renowned universities that train highly qualified young people”.

According to Mark Michaelis, the Porto hub will focus on "developing innovative software products”, since Markant is a retail and industrial services company.

From this new tech hub, the group's European business-to-business digital platform will be built and boosted, as a tool to support the extension of digitalization in retail, generating advantages for processes and costs.

Likewise, Portuguese tech company VisionWare, which specializes in information security, has decided to move its headquarters to the center of Porto. It will also be the first Portuguese company to set up business in the new tech park in Cape Verde.

Located in a prime area of the city, the new collaborative environment, which is now VisionWare's new headquarters, was acquired by the Portuguese technology company "as a form of investment” in a "dedicated space”, to "accommodate all the employees”, given the "remarkable growth” of the team.

CEO Bruno Castro noted that, in just over two years, the number of workers at the headquarters has grown by 60%. Prospects suggest that VisionWare's path of evolution will not stop here. The company aims to increase its team by 10%. "We anticipate around 15 new hires in 2024,” explained the entrepreneur.