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ITDS Portugal opens office in Porto and wants to reach 100 people this year

Tech consultancy is mainly looking for professionals with the profile of business consultants and IT engineers.

ITDS Portugal opens office in Porto and wants to reach 100 people this year
ECO · 14 Apr 2023
The ITDS consultancy has opened a second office in Portugal, in Porto, and wants to increase the number of consultants to 100 this year.

"We open our first space in Lisbon in September 2021 and in Porto in January 2023. Currently, we have more than 40 consultants and we have the ambition to reach 100 people by the end of 2023″, Riadh Chaabouni, CEO of ITDS, tells ECO Pessoas.

The consultancy company, which in Portugal mainly provides IT outsourcing services, implementation of financial software and nearshore solutions, is looking for two main groups of professionals: business consultants (business analyst, project managers, scrum masters, manual testers) and IT engineers (software engineers, IT architects, data engineers, automation testers, DevOps). "In terms of technologies we have many openings for Java Developers, Angular Developers, DevOps, among others."

In terms of recruitment, the consultancy that also operates in the Netherlands and Poland has as its "main focus" the Portuguese market: "But at the same time we are focused on supporting foreign talent that wants to relocate to Portugal, from countries like Poland, Africa, South America, among others. In most cases, we help our consultants with the entire relocation and integration process in Portugal," adds Riadh Chaabouni.

"Part of our talent attraction strategy goes through our website, where we have all the vacancies that are currently open and where we describe all the information in a clear and transparent way, including salary expectations. This is something we consider to be a differentiating aspect of our approach to the Portuguese market", he highlights.

With offices in the Heden coworkers in Rossio (in Lisbon) and Selina (Porto), future employees work "in most cases" in a hybrid or 100% remote model, but "it depends a lot on the preference and expectations of our clients".

"A full-time presence at the premises is less and less common and we think it will stay that way. For most IT professionals this is one of the great advantages, having a flexible job", points out the responsible.

The company that operates in the IT outsourcing area, says it wants to "show the other face of outsourcing companies".

Riadh Chaabouni explains. "It is extremely important for us to cultivate personal and close relationships with ITDS consultants. Many companies forget about their consultants from the moment they are sent to their projects. That is not the way we operate. We have close contact with each consultant - we organise various internal integration events", he describes, giving as an example, the annual summer and Christmas celebrations, with the creation of ITDS Clubs, where consultants can create a group of people who have a passion for a certain activity, such as the Surf Club, and do so frequently with the support of the company.

But that's not all. "We provide courses so that people can develop their technical and interpersonal skills. Last year we took our people to a private festival in Eindhoven where over 4,000 people attended from the House of HR group, of which ITDS is a part," he continues. "We want our consultants to feel that they play a vital role in our organisation."
Benefits package

"We are always focused on offering a competitive salary and always try to meet our people's expectations. But our offer goes far beyond the financial aspect," assures the CEO.

"We want our consultants to have a long-term perspective of professional growth and so we also help them in other areas, such as obtaining professional certifications, internal training and also defining a customised professional growth plan so that their career has an upward progression during their collaboration with ITDS," he continues.

"Each consultant, has a dedicated manager, who is responsible for ensuring that all needs, difficulties, questions, concerns have time to be heard and resolved in due time," he further highlights.

Furthermore, "as we are always developing our business and looking for new clients and partnerships, our consultants have the opportunity to work on international projects for large European groups, but also to work for different projects and clients, if that is their ambition," he says. "Every year, we end with the annual performance evaluation and salary update."