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Infraspeak raises €7.5m investment to strengthen global expansion

The investment now raised, in a funding round led by BrightPixel, completes a Series A operation that allowed the Porto company to raise €17.5 million to accelerate the international expansion of its intelligent maintenance management platform.

Infraspeak raises €7.5m investment to strengthen global expansion
SapoTek · 02 Aug 2023
Infraspeak has secured a €7.5 million investment in a new round of capital led by BrightPixel, Sonae's venture capital unit. The investment is an extension of a first Series A round, realised last year, which had already allowed the company to raise €10 million in investment, and which also counts with the participation of current investors Caixa Capital and 500 Global.

Infraspeak's intelligent Maintenance Management platform allows for centralised and personalised maintenance management in companies of different sizes, with more than 20 million automations available and a facility manager that, according to the company, can save up to 7 hours of administrative work per week.

The solution allows teams to "connect their assets, IoT devices, hardware and software and turn data into real actions, instantly", as a press release also explains. Recently, the company also launched a solution that enhances collaboration between facility managers and service providers in the purchasing processes and in the execution of maintenance work.

With this new investment, the company intends to continue its global expansion, increasing the team and strengthening its position in Europe, where it is a leader, developing operations in the United Kingdom, France and Spain, and accelerating expansion in Latin America.

Infraspeak has 750 clients in 30 countries and 164 employees. It is headquartered in Porto and has operations in the UK, Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Angola and South Africa.  Its intelligent platform helps manage more than 180,000 buildings for organisations in sectors such as health, education, transport, hospitality, among others. On the client list are companies such as Mota-Engil ATIV, Grupo Casais, Teleperformance, Primark, Sotécnica, Siemens, Nestlé, Vila Galé and Intercontinental Hotels.

"We had planned to close Series B by mid-2023, but the opportunity to work with BrightPixel and postpone this process until mid-2024 and do it in a more structured way was very attractive," says Felipe Ávila da Costa, co-founder and CEO of Infraspeak. He added that Infraspeak's expansion will focus on three main objectives: "scaling quickly and efficiently, establishing ourselves as category leaders with customer-centric products and services, and nurturing a world-class team".

In the statement released regarding the operation, some data on the environmental impact of the tool is also shared. Opertec Facilities Management, which manages operations with the Infraspeak platform, has managed to save more than 500,000 sheets of paper, 696 kg of CO2 emissions and 5.5 million litres of water.