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City presents itself as a market of tradition, innovation and sustainability in Primavera Sound Porto

City presents itself as a market of tradition, innovation and sustainability in Primavera Sound Porto
Porto. · 07 Jun 2023

Considered by many as the best in the country, Primavera Sound Porto returns to fill Parque da Cidade with music and animation from June 7th to 10th. Blur, Kendrick Lamar, Rosalía, Pet Shop Boys are some of the biggest names that make up the tenth edition of the music festival. Mercado do Bolhão (Bolhão Market) takes on a prominent role in promoting the city at the venue. Bolhão acts as the heart of Porto, valuing the market's memory while showcasing a Porto in motion, envisioning its future and symbolizing the vibrant rhythm of a city between expression (culture) and trade (economy).

Mercado do Bolhão

Mercado do Bolhão is the centerpiece of the area. The structure was designed using containers characterized with the image of the market's main facade. On the ground floor, facing the outside, there are three stalls that combine three distinct areas of activity: Economy, Porto Ponto Brand, and Tourism and Internationalization.

Historical Stall of Mercado do Bolhão

Outside the main area, a replica of a historical stall from the market is also present to promote the Bolhão brand, under the responsibility of the municipal company GO Porto. In this space, there will be a "wheel of fortune" with offers for participants, materializing in different ways to enjoy the unique flavors and colors of Bolhão, or in other ways, to make their festival experience more interactive.

Economy, tourism, and investment also join the festival

Porto Leading Investors

InvestPorto has developed the initiative Porto Leading Investors, an investment project management program dedicated to investors and companies with high strategic interest and impact on Porto's economy.

The project will have a dedicated space inside the replica of Mercado do Bolhão, where visitors will be invited to navigate through the Porto Leading Investors platform (included on the InvestPorto website) using an interactive screen. The 35 companies that are part of the program will be presented, and the opportunities they have open in Porto will be showcased, following an employer branding logic. Visitors will be able to register with the companies they find most relevant to them, and their registration will be marked with the offer of a personalized luggage tag with the Porto Leading Investors identity.

The bar The Great Wine Capitals will support some of the activities to promote the project, such as the Meetup Porto Leading Investors: "Leading to excellence, changing the future - That's Porto!" scheduled for June 9th, from 5 pm to 7 pm. The event will promote networking among the Porto Leading Investors community of companies.

TERA. Talento. Evoluir. Reter. Atrair.

With the mission of attracting, getting to know, developing, and retaining talent, enhancing the careers of those who live, study, and work in Porto, the Municipality, through the TERA program, promotes a set of initiatives aimed at showcasing the job market in Porto, attracting talent, developing the talent ecosystem in the city, and empowering the careers of those who choose Porto as their city. Thus, at the festival, visitors will be introduced to this municipal strategy of attracting, developing, and retaining talent in the city. On June 7th, between 6 pm and 7 pm, the meetup "Talented people: last stop Porto" will take place, an occasion to celebrate the diversity and multiplicity of talents in the city.

ScaleUp Porto

ScaleUp Porto, which aims to promote and support the city's entrepreneurship ecosystem, will be present at the festival to showcase the Municipal Division of Entrepreneurship and its brand ScaleUp Porto. Throughout the four days, a video with data about Porto's entrepreneurship ecosystem will be presented, along with an interactive screen quiz about the same data.

There will also be a meetup on June 10th, from 5:30 pm to 7 pm, with the theme "Entrepreneurs are EVERYWHERE: Exploring the Dynamic Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Porto."


Tourism will be present at Primavera Sound Porto providing personalized tourist assistance to national and international participants. They will carry out various interactive activities with the public, including tourist reception and an interactive quiz ("Get to know the city"; "Great Wine Capitals"). On June 8th, the Association Fórum Turismo will organize a "Meetup Porto - a welcoming city."

Family Garden Porto

An area dedicated to the gathering of families and friends, focused on an infant and youth audience. It provides diaper-changing facilities and a nursery.

"Our Porto Neighborhood" Zone - promoted by Domus Social

Children are invited to learn about the 50 neighborhoods of the city, represented in a bilingual (Portuguese/English) illustrated book, with brief descriptions of each housing complex. Each child can color the book or create their own artwork/painting. In the end, the little artist can take the book and a small box of colored pencils as a keepsake.

"Build Your Porto" Zone - promoted by GO Porto

Children can use construction blocks, which they can also paint, to shape their street, completing it with key elements to beautify it, such as trees, lighting, bridges, buildings, buses, and more.

"Let's Color the Environment (and the Skies)!" Zone - promoted by Porto Ambiente

Games that promote awareness of the different dimensions of environmental sustainability for kids and adults. The mascot "O Cascas" will be present, leading the little ones into the world of recycling with the game "The Recycling Wheel": a kind of wheel of fortune that promotes the correct separation of waste in a fun and entertaining way. There will be coloring books with illustrations of Porto Ambiente's different activities, providing space to add color to recycling, and many soap bubbles floating in the air.

Porto Lounge

A space that promotes gatherings among participants, moments of relaxation, allowing them to enjoy Parque da Cidade within the context of the Primavera Sound Porto festival. It includes a set of outdoor furniture pieces such as hammocks, swings, bean bags, and sun loungers. It encompasses two activations:

"Drink Porto Water" - promoted by Águas e Energia do Porto

The space is dedicated to the project "Drink Porto Water," a pioneering project in Portugal that promotes tap water consumption. The goal is to raise awareness about environmental challenges, particularly water scarcity and water pollution, fostering a greater understanding of the value of water from a perspective of promoting sustainable consumption, circular economy, and decarbonization. The iconic motorcycle of the project will be present, offering plain water and flavored water.

Porto Ball Pool - promoted by Ágora - Cultura e Desporto do Porto

An invitation for a dive into a large ball pool, representing the various dynamics of an increasingly cosmopolitan Porto with growing international prominence. By diving into this activity, the luckiest ones can win special prizes.