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Ryanair resumes Lisbon-Porto flight from May 22nd

Ryanair resumes Lisbon-Porto flight from May 22nd
Executive Digest · 22 May 2020

Ryanair will fly daily between Lisbon and Porto from May 22nd, adding this connection to its minimum services, according to a statement issued by the company about two weeks ago.

In addition to this new connection, in Portugal, Ryanair is currently flying between Lisbon and the cities of London (Stansted) and Dublin.

Ensuring that it will comply with the "established restrictions” at all times, Ryanair adds that the airline's reduced flight schedule has been extended until May 28th and says it hopes that the company's scheduled flights can be reactivated in July.

It is recalled that other airlines have also started the process of resuming flights after the pandemic, as is the case with Emirates and TAP. EasyJet announced on Thursday that it would fly back to some destinations in June.