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Regus is the global network of flexible workspaces. Just bring your computer and you can start working right now. You can opt for a private or virtual office, co-working or meeting rooms. As for location, you can choose a specific Regus unit or use our global network of workspaces. Our contracts are all-inclusive and have flexible term. Create a workplace that’s right for your business today and tomorrow.

Experience and Uniqueness
Regus is the global network of flexible workspaces with over 3000 locations in 120 countries. For over 30 years, we've been helping companies find and create the perfect workspace for their people.

The flexibility of our solutions allows us to respond to the different needs of space in each phase of the life of the companies, from start-up to expansion, internationalization, special projects or creation of spin-offs. When the size of tour team, or its location, need to change, being able to adjust quickly the workspace that you use is a great advantage.
And in a world where hybrid ways of working are on the rise, the Regus network is the right solution.

Typical Customer
Regus is aimed at all companies and professionals who need a workspace. We have clients from very diverse fields of activity, from all over the world and of all sizes, from the start-ups to the largest world companies.
  • Real estate solutions
  • Coworking spaces
  • Office spaces
  • Real estate services
  • Virtual office
Supported languages English Portuguese
Market expertise Not available
Industry expertise Agri-food sector Creative industries Energy and environment Financial sector Healthcare and life sciences Industrial sector Information and communication technologies Maritime sector Mobility sector Real estate and construction Retail and commerce Shared services Tourism and hospitality Transport and distribution services

Rua Augusto Rosa 79 4000-098 Porto

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