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Egor Group

Egor Group

The Egor Group is made up of a group of specialized companies that, since 1986, designs, proposes and implements tailored solutions in people management in all areas of organizations. In the ecosystem of products and services related to the management, the Egor Group has more than three decades of experience, guided by a reputation for excellence and audited by APCER since 1989. Egor has had, in its various areas of activity, sustained growth throughout its history.

Experience and Uniqueness
Egor has a unique positioning in Portugal, with a 360º performance in the various areas of recruitment, selection, management and development of human potential. Additionally, it has more than 37 years of activity, knowing the Portuguese labor market in a very different way from other competitors. In recent years, Egor has had an annual growth of around 12%, showing not only a strong focus on attracting and developing the best human potential available on the Portuguese market, but also an increasingly strong commitment to efficiency, introducing technological layers in the management of its services, particularly in Business Process Outsourcing models.

Typical Customer
Given its diversity of areas, Egor has clients of different sizes and geographies. We work with large companies, such as NOS, Altice, SPMS, among others, but also with smaller companies, with projects developed tailor-made for each client. We adapt our solutions in the different areas (talent acquisition, BPO, workforce, training) to the specificity of each client.
  • Business development
  • Sales and customer support services
  • Business consulting and market advisory
  • Recruitment and HR solutions
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Outsourcing
Supported languages English Portuguese
Market expertise
  • Europe
  • Portugal
Industry expertise Energy and environment Retail and commerce Shared services

Avenida da Boavista, 1801 E 4100-133 Porto

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