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Municipal incentives

“Porto de Tradição” Municipal Programme

The "Porto de Tradição” Municipal Programme allows the Porto City Council to recognize and distinguish local establishments with relevant social, cultural, and historical ties to the city of Porto, with the aim of protecting and safeguarding the city’s heritage and tradition.

The City Council will provide distinguished establishments with a range of benefits:
  • Access to a yearly Municipal fund that supports the rehabilitation, modernization, longevity, and sustainability of the establishments (each establishment can receive up to 25 thousand €);
  • Exemption from advertising and public domain occupation taxes;
  • Access to training and consulting services geared towards commercial activities;
  • Creation of brand-promotion initiatives aimed at the longevity and sustainability of the distinguished establishments;
  • Integration of the establishments into thematic cultural itineraries.

The owner/tenants of the property where the distinguished establishment is located will also be exempted from the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) on the entire property, as long as it is fully owned.


In order for a local establishment to be recognized as having relevant social, cultural, and historical ties to the city of Porto, it must meet several requirements under three main criteria, specified in Annex 1 ("Anexo 1") of the Programme’s legislation:

  • Activity: the establishment must be known for its longevity, as well as for having a generational continuity in terms of its ownership and/or staff. It should also have a locally-based production, along with products that testify to the establishment’s originality and identity, and a profitable commercial activity;
  • Material heritage: the establishment should have a qualified and integrated architecture (both interior and exterior), along with assets distinguished by their quantity, rarity, and antiquity;
  • Immaterial heritage: the establishment should have notoriety and overall significance in regards to the history, art, and culture of the city of Porto.

How to obtain

In order to apply to the "Porto de Tradição” Municipal Programme, please submit your application through the Portal do Munícipe platform, by filling out the appropriate form  (only available in Portuguese). Afterwards, you’ll need to schedule a date for your establishment to be visited by a technical team appointed by the City Council, who will rate it based on the mentioned criteria.

The application will then be reviewed by an appointed commission and the final verdict will be announced by the City Council.

Learn more

You can find all of the information related to the "Porto de Tradição” Programme by accessing the Portal do Munícipe platform and the City Council’s official website.