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Municipal incentives

“Confiança Porto” Municipal Programme

"Confiança Porto" has the purpose of recognizing and distinguishing several tourist accommodation establishments and resorts throughout the Municipality of Porto, thus contributing towards the overall quality of Porto’s tourism experience.

In order to receive this distinction from the City Council, these establishments need to reveal a set of good practices and initiatives in their services and business model, in terms of their management (organizational, financial, and employee retention), cleanliness, infrastructure, equipment, security, sustainability, and several other factors.

The Programme is free of any charges.


Your establishment will be submitted to a rating procedure by a team of technical experts nominated by the City Council, who, upon visiting it, will verify how well it complies with a predetermined set of requirements and criteria that validate the excellence of its overall service and business model.

To know more about the criteria and the grading system, please read Annex 1 ("Anexo 1") of the Programme’s Terms & Conditions, available on the following page.

The City Council will only accept applications from entities and tourist accommodation establishments that have no debts to the Municipality of Porto, and who have their Social Security and tax obligations met.

How to obtain

In order to participate in the Programme, please access the Portal do Munícipe platform and fill out the required form  (only available in Portuguese). Afterwards, you’ll need to schedule the visit from the Municipality’s technical team.

After receiving this scheduling request, the Municipal services will contact you in order to schedule the day of the visit to your establishment.

Establishments graded 85% or higher will be proposed to the City Council, who’ll ultimately decide on their recognition under the Programme. Establishments rated anywhere between 60% and 84% will be able to schedule a new visit after a period of at least 60 days, while any establishments that fall between 59% will only be able to do so after at least 120 days.

Learn more

You can find all of the information related to the "Confiança Porto” Programme by accessing the Portal do Munícipe platform.

If you prefer to directly reach out to the team in charge of the Programme, please contact them via email: