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Recruitment and employer support

ATIVAR.PT Incentive – Conversion Grant

The ATIVAR.PT – Conversion Grant seeks to benefit employers who formerly hired an employee through IEFP’s (Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional) ATIVAR.PT Incentive Programme, and who now converted their short-term contract into a permanent one. The hiring could also have taken place under IEFP’s Contrato-Emprego or Estímulo-Emprego measures.


In order to receive this Conversion Grant, an employer must have hired an employee on a fixed-term contract through one of the following IEFP programmes/measures: ATIVAR.PT Incentive Programme, Contrato-Emprego, or Estímulo-Emprego.

How to obtain

You can submit your application directly by registering in the IEFP portal and following the steps provided in the appropriate guide  (only available in Portuguese).

Learn more

You can find more information regarding the Conversion Grant and the overall ATIVAR.PT Incentive Programme in IEFP’s website.