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Web Summit stage hosts session on Porto's historical connection with wine

Web Summit stage hosts session on Porto's historical connection with wine
Porto. · 04 Nov 2022
On the day the Web Summit comes to an end, Porto's presence at the event invites you to taste the wine that bears the city's name, closing with a toast.

Under the theme "Economy & Wine: the millennial relationship between wine and economy", the moment will feature the intervention of the Councillor of Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Ricardo Valente.

In an interactive dynamic, with questions and answers, the session will take place on the Web Summit Q&A stage, between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., inviting the audience for a Port wine tasting and toast.

Alongside Ricardo Valente will be the Managing Director of Taylor's Port, Adrian Bridge, to address together the historical and unique connection of the city with Port wine. In addition to reflecting on this symbiosis between Port Wine and the city of Porto, the session also aims to show Porto as a city that attracts, retains and develops talent.The Q&A stage assumes a model of interaction between the guests on stage and the audience.

In this session, alluding to the connection between wine and economy, the experience is represented in a wine tasting and an invitation to toast to cities as a place of innovation, agglomeration of economies, ideas and cultures.