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VIVA Lab opens a new space in Porto to continue inspiring the community

VIVA Lab opens a new space in Porto to continue inspiring the community
Porto. · 13 Jan 2022
After three years of growth, the digital fabrication laboratory VIVA Lab will reopen on January 22nd in a new space, in the center of Boavista, with 500 sqm. It will make available to the community tools such as 3D Printing, CNC, Laser Cutting, or Precious Plastic.

"It is with great joy and excitement that we announce the opening of the new VIVA Lab. We want to extend an invitation to the entire local community to visit the new space so that we can collaborate and help create impact locally and internationally", said VIVA Lab's co-founder, João Leão, quoted in a statement from the institution.

Defining itself as a "laboratory for turning ideas into reality that seeks to support companies, educational institutions, entrepreneurs and communities", VIVA Lab makes digital fabrication facilities available to "prototype, fabricate and test ideas in the real world through research, education and design projects".

Part of the worldwide network of Fab Labs that aims to democratize access to the personal and collaborative invention using digital technologies, VIVA Lab promotes a culture of Education, Design and Social Innovation.

Over the past three years, VIVA Lab has supported a number of initiatives, with emphasis on the development and prototyping of personal protective equipment with hospitals S. António and S. João, to fight the pandemic.