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Traders can continue to take advantage of the free training plan in November

Traders can continue to take advantage of the free training plan in November
28 Oct 2020
Porto City Council continues to promote free training courses aimed at city traders, through a digital format. Sign up for all the themes and schedules available during November. Places are limited.

How to attract your customers; Time Management and Work Organization; Creation of graphic content for social networks - Photography and Design; Online sales on Instagram, Stock and Storage Management; Balances, Promotions and Price Display; Conflict management; Trademark Registration; Techniques to gain the trust of your customers; Storefronts Decoration for Specific Seasons and Festivities are the themes for next month's training courses.

Consult the detailed plan, find out the number of hours of each training (many of them are given after work hours) and invest in recycling and acquiring new knowledge, useful for those who, daily, interact with customers.

Participation is free, but requires prior registration via e-mail, with the following information: Name of the training course; full name of the participant; occupation; schooling; telephone and email contact; the name of the commercial establishment; activity sector; complete address; telephone contact; and e-mail address of the commercial establishment.

Aimed at entrepreneurs, employees, and merchants of establishments in the city, the program developed, until the beginning of October, 29th actions, which had 571 participants. By the end of the year, 11 more training courses are scheduled.