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The Run Challenge 2024: How Devexperts Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Within the Team

Devexperts, a leading provider of trading and financial technology solutions, is committed to promoting health and well-being among its team. On April 7, International Health Day, the company launched the yearly three-month Run Challenge as part of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the importance of physical exercise.

The Run Challenge 2024: How Devexperts Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Within the Team
Devexperts · 13 Jun 2024

The Run Challenge, an annual event by Devexperts, encourages employees to engage in running activities. This year, 90 participants from all company locations joined the initiative, aiming and reaching the goal of covering a distance of 12,000 kilometers collectively.

"Devexperts recognizes the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting our employees in their well-being journey," said Maria Silva, Internal Communications Specialist at Devexperts. "By aligning the launch of the Run Challenge with International Health Day, we aimed to emphasize the significance of physical activity in maintaining overall health and happiness."

The company provided resources and support to participants, including guidance on safe running practices and nutritional advice. Employees tracked their progress using apps and gadgets to communicate, inspire each other, and share their progress.

"We believe that investing in the health and well-being of our colleagues is essential for their personal and professional fulfillment," added Maria Silva. "The Run Challenge serves as a platform for our employees to achieve something meaningful as a team while promoting a culture of wellness within the company."

Devexperts promotes health awareness and well-being through initiatives like the Run Challenge and other programs throughout the year.

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