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Sword Health launches digital solution that recreates human experience of personal training

Sword Health launches digital solution that recreates human experience of personal training
Dinheiro Vivo · 22 Nov 2022
Portuguese startup expands business with new verticals for pain resolution, debuting now a solution that provides the human experience of personal trainers, combining the areas of physiotherapy and fitness.

After bringing Bloom to market, the unicorn with Portuguese DNA Sword Health now announces the launch of Move, a new movement health solution that combines the areas of physiotherapy and fitness, providing a human experience of personal training.

"Currently, about 50% of musculoskeletal conditions result from a lack of physical activity and 80% of adults do not follow the recommendation of a minimum of 20 to 25 minutes of exercise per day. This is one of the most critical causes of the epidemic of physical pain we are witnessing globally," highlights Virgílio Bento, founder and CEO of the startup, quoted in a statement.

According to the entrepreneur, the reason is due, in part, to the fact that "most fitness solutions are built on the premise that one model fits all people", making it "difficult to maintain the involvement of participants and generate results that satisfy them".

Sword Move's proposition therefore involves bringing together the "best of the clinically validated digital physiotherapy model, with fitness, providing a holistic and personalised solution".

"By using technology to scale the human experience of personal trainers, all certified to understand and address the specific needs of each individual, Sword Move promises to keep users engaged while generating concrete and trackable results," it can be read.

In addition to recreating a human connection with professionals, the new digital solution also includes a wearable integration, which allows connecting a device to the application, enabling patients and personal trainers to assess the progress of the case. In addition, there is personalised assessment and monitoring, as well as adapted movement programmes.