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Porto Startups awarded at PV Awards

Porto companies Addvolt, Didimo, ByFoods, Noocity, and LUGGit are on the list of startups honored in different categories of the 2023 Portugal Ventures Awards.

Porto Startups awarded at PV Awards
Eco · 12 Jan 2024

In total, 11 awards were given to startups from various business areas that are part of the Portugal Ventures (PV) portfolio: an initiative that honors various companies for their positive performance throughout the year.

Addvolt, Didimo, By Foods, Noocity, and LUGGit have gained prominence in Porto's business landscape. These startups, which are part of the portfolio of the venture capital company of the Banco Português de Fomento Group, were some of the winners of the PV Awards.

The Porto Leading Investor, Addvolt, a spin-off from the University of Porto (UP) created by former students from the UP Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) and which develops clean energy solutions for transportation, won the 2023 Startup Industry & Technology award. This distinction acknowledges that the company has shown "superior execution rates in the critical areas for its development”.


The Startup Digital & Technology 2023 award went to Didimo. This accolade acknowledges the company's "superior execution rates in areas that are critical to its development, such as penetration into international markets and potential access to international capital”.

Due to its track record, ByFoods is considered an example of best practice and has therefore won the PV Alumni award. This Porto company continues to "meet” the "needs of the global food market” and its mission is to "identify traditional Portuguese pastry products, both sweet and savory, with the differentiation potential” and introduce them to foreign market channels.


Portuguese startup Noocity, with headquarters in Porto, develops grower products and services for domestic urban agriculture, to encourage the development of best practices and the preservation of the environment. Thanks to its work, it was granted the 2023 Sustainability award.


LUGGit won the 2023 Resilience award, which commends it for "overcoming several hurdles”. This startup, with offices in Porto and Lisbon, has created a technology that allows luggage to be collected, stored, and delivered, all in real time, optimizing the concept of travel. 


Rui Ferreira, president of Portugal Ventures, expressed in a statement that he was proud of the "work carried out by the award-winning portfolio”.


"The acknowledgment of the work carried out by the companies in which we invest is extremely important, as it shows that we continue to believe in their businesses, encouraging the remainder of the portfolio so that it can reach its goals,” said the chairman of the venture capital company of the Banco Português de Fomento Group.