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Porto is at the forefront of Euronext’s technological innovation, says Les Echos

Porto is at the forefront of Euronext’s technological innovation, says Les Echos
03 Dec 2020

"Portugal is today the country where Euronext employs more people, followed by France. A dynamism brought by the opening of a Technological centre in Porto, in 2017, which employs 150 people.” These are the opening lines of an article published by the French newspaper "Les Echos”, the first daily French financial newspaper, founded in 1908 and one of the most relevant in France.

Three years ago, Euronext moved from Belfast to settle in Porto. The IT Technologic Centre is located at Avenida da Boavista and secures the trans-European Stock Exchange management platform of this important company.

According to Euronext CEO, Stéphane Boujnah, when Euronext inaugurated its offices in Porto, "the decision to move from Belfast to Porto was not an easy decision but we did it for several fundamental reasons. We want our key operations to be located in the main Euronext countries and Portugal is one of Euronext’s founding countries; besides it is a country of exceptional resources of specialized knowledge, ability and talent”, the CEO explains in the article published today.

Also, according to Les Echos, Porto is today one of the three tech centres of the group, alongside Paris and Scandinavia, and it has been in Porto that the group has managed cybersecurity, the cloud storage services, the IT operations and also numerous software developments.

"We were given an extraordinarily warm welcome by the national and local authorities that have showed a genuine interest for the financial and the technological industry”, explains Stéphane Boujnah to the Les Echos. 

As reported by the leading French financial newspaper, the creation of the technology centre in Porto is an integral part of Euronext’s IT strategy for the coming years, with the centre in Porto with a vocation to continue growing. 

"The teams in Porto follow the group’s growth and will be asked to step in when the acquisition of the Borsa Italiana is finalised”, states Stéphane Boujnah to the French newspaper.

The article also spotlights that in three years’ time, the technological centre has doubled its workforce. The imprint of the personnel from Porto in Euronext goes as far as one of the members of the supervisory board being recruited from the centre in Porto in 2012, namely Manuel Ferreira da Silva.

Euronext’s investment in Porto, in 2017, resulted in the creation of 150 direct jobs that have since doubled. The quality of the workforce, such as highly trained professionals and engineers in the areas of Information Technology and development of new solutions and financial services makes it easy to explain why Euronext stock exchanges Group chose the city of Porto to establish a technology centre, complementary to the one based in Paris and in Belfast.