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Porto City Council affordable income projects

Porto City Council affordable income projects
Vida Imobiliária · 19 Nov 2020
Mayor Rui Moreira recalls that "the municipality of Porto designed a policy to promote affordable housing that is based on a diverse set of instruments. In addition to capturing a park already installed through the "Porto com Sentido" program, Porto City Council's action is divided between projects with its own investment, others developed through partnerships with private entities and other tools to encourage private promotion".

In this context, he adds that "during the last few months we launched design contests for the elaboration of projects for an operation in the parish of Lordelo do Ouro, which aims at the urban reformulation of an area of ​​6.6 hectares and the construction of 5 buildings intended affordable housing with around 300 dwellings, an investment of more than 45 million euros".

More recently, the public discussion of the Monte da Bela subdivision in Campanhã was approved, "where we foresee the construction of more than 230 dwellings in a project with an estimated investment of more than 30 million euros, for which we will look for a private partner", states Rui Moreira.

Also in the area of ​​the old Monte Pedral barracks, "after the contest of ideas that we carried out last year, the municipal services are concluding a proposal for a subdivision that will be publicly presented soon". Here, the municipality wants about 500 new units to emerge in, service area and equipment area.

Rui Moreira also advances that the City Council is "identifying, characterizing and evaluating a set of municipal land with constructive capacity for housing, which we intend to place on the market for the construction of affordable houses, by private investors".

The Porto Urban Rehabilitation Week has the support of the Porto City Council and will take place next week, online, from 24th to 26th November. The housing theme will be highlighted, for example, in the conference "Lease, the new opportunity?”. Also, the structuring projects of Porto will be presented in the session "The creators of the city - the new structuring projects".

Find out more about the event and see the full agenda here.