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Porto, a new place for the attraction of international investments

Porto, a new place for the attraction of international investments
09 Nov 2016
The Municipality's Department for the Social and Economic Development and InvestPorto took charge of the organization of a seminar on 8th November, within Porto's 4th Urban Rehabilitation Week. With contributions from Professor Ricardo Valente (Municipality's Department for the Social and Economic Development), Manuel Bento (Euronext), Paulo Silva (Aguirre Newman Portugal), João Nuno Magalhães (Predibisa), Pedro Borges (BLIP) and Macedo Cunha (Critical), it was possible to show that the city of Porto is increasingly becoming more attractive for international companies and investors.

The demand for offices in the city is growing, with the urban rehabilitation having a key role on it, since it leverages, the opening of new companies' offices in the Downtown, Bonfim and Campanhã areas, for instance. Porto is, therefore, a strategic location for international companies, characterized for its high quality universities, talent, and excelent quality of life and security.

Porto's Urban Rehabilitation Week was organized by Vida Imobiliaria and Promevi, with the support of the Municipality of Porto, Porto Vivo SRU and the Comercial Association of Porto.