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Porto's City Council invests 75 million euros in Campanhã

Porto's City Council invests 75 million euros in Campanhã
14 Dec 2016
Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, announced on Wednesday an investment of 75 million euros in the Urban Rehabilitation Operation of Campanhã, in a program to be carried out during the next 10 years. According to the same, it is foreseen that the "works will begin next year", leaving also the guarantee that "no one will be evicted", because there will be "investment in municipal housing and in the use of abandoned houses".

Among the structuring projects, the construction of the Campanhã's Intermodal Terminal is highlighted. The resolution of housing problems and public health, as well as the rehabilitation of buildings, are other priorities.

Rui Moreira also explained that with expropriations the value of the operation could reach "90 million euros" and warned that the Urban Rehabilitation Area of Campanhã-Estação will still have to be approved by Porto's Municipal Assembly.