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LinkedIn Top Startups 2022 reveals Portugal's 10 rising companies and Porto is present with 2 companies in the top 5

LinkedIn Top Startups 2022 reveals Portugal's 10 rising companies and Porto is present with 2 companies in the top 5
LinkedIn News Europe · 28 Oct 2022
LinkedIn's Top Startups 2022 list has revealed 10 start-ups in Portugal that are gaining visibility and recruiting top talent. Backed by measurement data, exclusive to LinkedIn, of different elements of growth and demand, the list reveals companies such as Barkyn and, both based in Porto.

The annual LinkedIn Top Startups list is the resource to find the startups to pay attention to today, featuring 10 companies from Portugal that are managing to overcome current challenges and continue to innovate, gain visibility and attract top talent in 2022.

To compile this list, the LinkedIn data analysed focuses on four areas: employee growth; interest from job seekers; user interaction within the company and with its employees; and whether these startups have managed to recruit talent.

Ultimately, the list is intended to be a resource for job seekers excited about the opportunity to innovate, solve big problems and develop skills.

Barkyn ranked 2nd, based in Porto and established in 2017, Barkyn started by creating innovative dog food packages. The company has since developed a subscription service aimed at dogs that combines food with teleconsultations by vets. Its products are marketed in Portugal, Spain and Italy and the company aims to be the leading animal wellness brand in southern Europe., in 4th place, also based in Porto and founded in 2018, has developed a technological solution that, through computer vision and artificial intelligence systems, can detect flaws in fabrics, right from the moment of weaving. This technology makes it possible to combat fabric waste and can generate significant savings for textile companies. The company already has clients in several European countries and intends to reach the textile market in China.