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Forbes says Porto is the city to visit this year

Forbes says Porto is the city to visit this year
16 Feb 2017
The article published by Forbes guarantees that in Porto "there is something for all tastes", "from its medieval architecture, the striking Luiz I Bridge and the Art Nouveau cafes". The publication also states that "history lovers will surrender to the charm of Invicta", suggesting a visit to Lello Bookshop "with its incredible neogothic interiors", or to São Bento train station "to appreciate the 20,000 tiles that decorate its walls".

For Forbes, "gourmets will be in your element", with the fresh foods of Bolhão marketplace and the many cellars of Port Wine (on the side of Gaia), explaining that the city "continues to give good things to those who have a serious appetite for culinary discoveries".

Adrian Bridge, owner and CEO of Yeatman Hotel, a passionate about Porto, says in the article that "the city's charm comes from the people, the environment, the architecture and the true sense of place." He points out that "many of the historic buildings are being refurbished instead of being demolished or replaced by modern structures." For the owner of Yeatman, "tourism is a sector that creates jobs, which is very positive." For Adrien Bridge, one of the places to visit in Porto is the Clérigos Tower, suggesting a climb of 240 steps to the top "for those who feel energetic". For this Porto lover, "this is a special and authentic city".