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E-Computing project bets on digital literacy in Porto schools

E-Computing project bets on digital literacy in Porto schools
22 Oct 2020

This month, the teaching of the subject of computing in three schools in the city, as part of the E-Computing project started, and it is supported by the Municipality of Porto. At this stage, it arrives at the educational establishments of Garcia de Orta and Cerco, and Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Private School.

With a budget of 38 thousand euros, recently approved at a meeting of the Municipal Executive, the project developed on the ground by ENSICO, the Association for the Teaching of Computing, will cover, during this academic year 2020/2021, six classes from 2nd and 3rd 7th cycle, for a total of 150 students, during 240 academic periods of computing. 

The initiative was recently distinguished by the European Erasmus + program, which marks the alignment of the project with the values ​​of the European Union, especially with regards to supporting the creation of innovative practices in the digital age, through new teaching tools, materials, and learning software. 

The support of the Porto City Council to this initiative is part of a strategy that the Municipality has been implementing, in order to support innovative actions for the development, attraction, and retention of talent in the city and in the region. The platform "Porto For Talent", promoted by the Department of Economy, Tourism, and Commerce, by City Councilor, Dr. Ricardo Valente, embodies this same municipal strategy.

The E-Computing project, which had its first phase in the city of Porto between March and July 2020, further reinforces the commitment to diversifying and deepening lifelong learning.