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Devexperts wants to recruit 50 new employees

The company has been in Portugal for six years and considers the Portuguese market "a strategic point for business development, both within the European Union and abroad".

Devexperts wants to recruit 50 new employees
eco · 15 Feb 2024

Devexperts, a Porto Leading Investor that provides software services to companies in the financial sector, has recently reached a milestone of 200 employees in Portugal, a market where it has been present since 2018. This year, the company, headquartered in Porto, maintains an ambitious recruitment plan aiming to reach 250 employees by the end of the year.

"The reasons behind our decision to establish a research and development center in Porto were the growing technological ecosystem in Portugal and the opportunity to attract highly qualified professionals, both nationally and internationally. The country offers a dynamic technological environment, a robust educational system, and a culture that fosters creativity," explained Paulo Pina Pires, CEO of Devexperts Portugal.


"In Portugal, the culture and people have allowed the company to drive innovation and attract the best talent in the industry. Devexperts' presence in Portugal aligns with our goals of being leaders in the field of fintech and contributing to the global IT community, which is exceptionally active in our fantastic country," the CEO added.


When the company the country, its goals were to have 80 employees within two years. "We've been growing steadily since we opened, and last year the pace of hiring was very fast. We have successfully increased the size of our team by around 35%, and we now have 200 employees," an official company source. "This growth reflects our commitment to investing in talent, both local and international, and to expanding our capabilities while maintaining the quality and excellence that characterize us," it adds.


Detailing the company's ambition for team reinforcement, the source stated, "We plan to expand our headcount to at least 250 employees by 2024."


"We're especially interested in software developers, both backend and frontend, QA engineers, and Java programmers. The quality of these profiles is at the heart of our growth strategy, and investment in people is always made with the medium and long term in mind, guaranteeing the retention of talent and the continuous development of those who are with us," said the company's official source.


The company has a flexible working model, "combining hybrid, remote, and face-to-face options". "Devexperts allows employees to work in the way that best suits their lifestyles, and this option has proved to be very interesting and productive for everyone. Our processes and the collaborative spirit that reigns in the company mean that everyone feels included in the work and our culture, regardless of where they are in the world, and this is an added value," says the official source.


Job vacancies are listed in the careers area on the company's website.