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Consulteer announces new technology centre in Porto

Consulteer announces new technology centre in Porto
Consulteer · 23 Nov 2022
Consulteer is driving innovation with a new technology centre in the city of Porto.

Consulteer is a leading independent professional services company, employing over 200 people in 8 offices across Europe. It provides consulting services and end-to-end engineering solutions. Its clients range from global industry leaders to small and medium-sized organisations.

In its search for the right environment, it was the blend of a historic pioneering spirit and a forward-looking culture of innovation that made the city a perfect setting for its ambitions as a company - "Porto is the perfect choice".

Consulteer justified the choice of location for its new technology centre with the statement that "the Porto region is on track to become one of Europe's next great technology centres, and more and more international companies are locating in the city."

"We are looking forward to bringing our culture, our technical expertise and our software development services to Portugal."

Bridging the past and the future in Porto

Porto, the city of bridges, is a historically renowned centre of commerce and advanced innovation that has contributed greatly to global research and development.

Consulteer singles out Porto from other cities on four macroeconomic indicators: talented people, know-how, good infrastructure and quality of life. Porto is also recognised for its authentic atmosphere, mild climate, unrivalled food and wine scene, and booming economy.

Consulteer continues to invest in Customer Success

With the new Technology Centre in Porto, Consulteer continues to invest in talent across Europe and continues to recognise the importance of investing in technology skills. The new Technology Centre will play a key role in developing cutting-edge products that enhance the competitiveness of its customers.