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Cloud and cybersecurity at the center of the debate at the Porto Tech Hub Conference

Programming, cloud and infrastructure, cybersecurity, modern web and artificial intelligence. These are the themes that will mark the eighth edition of the Porto Tech Hub Conference. The region's technological ecosystem meets on October 27 at Alfândega do Porto.

Cloud and cybersecurity at the center of the debate at the Porto Tech Hub Conference
porto. · 25 Oct 2023

Dozens of companies and more than a thousand professionals from the sector are expected to attend to share knowledge about the main trends and technological innovations of the present and the future.

The vice-president of Porto Tech Hub, Samuel Santos, guarantees that this edition "will be an unforgettable event" and will "offer technology professionals the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of prominent topics in this industry, which will mark its present and future"

"This event promises to be a real journey of learning and discovery, encouraging participants to boost their careers in the constantly evolving technological universe," adds Samuel Santos.

In pursuit of its goal of promoting and developing the city of Porto as a global technological center, Porto Tech Hub has confirmed the presence of speakers such as Patrycja Wegrzynowicz, from Yon Labs and recently considered one of the Top 10 Women in Tech in Poland; Josh Long, from Pivotal; Stephen Chin, from JFrog; Mete Atamel, from Google; or Nicolai Parlog, from Oracle.

In addition to the lectures, the event also offers workshops for industry professionals in areas such as artificial intelligence, web3 or decentralized technologies. 

Supported by Porto, through the Open Call program, the Porto Tech Hub Conference has already been attended by around five thousand people and more than 80 speakers from world-renowned companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Spotify, Microsoft, RedHat or Netflix.

In the words of the City Councillor for Economy, Employment, and Entrepreneurship, "Porto Tech is a way to celebrate the technological communities that reside in the city." According to Ricardo Valente, the city "is increasingly recognized as a technological hub that attracts the development of activities by national and international entities. Through 'Porto Tech,' we aim to energize these communities, promoting networking and the development of practical skills."

The event will also be attended by 7 Porto Leading Investors, namely ISS Tech, Intellias, Five9, Devexperts, Blip, msg insure:it and PlantformE. 

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