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Why Porto

Outstanding talent, a competitive ecosystem, and a unique quality of life make Porto a smart location for doing business across Europe and the world.

Talent community
Porto's skilled workforce and world-class education make it a top choice for companies looking to thrive in today's knowledge economy.
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Global connectivity
Porto is an open economy in a privileged location on Western Europe, well-connected to international markets and global value chains.
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Innovation hub
Porto is well-positioned for growth as a center of innovation, having a robust ecosystem for R&D and entrepreneurship.
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Great lifestyle
Porto offers a rich and fulfilling lifestyle, surrounded by inspiring landscapes and a welcoming community.
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Competitive economy
Porto and North-Western Portugal are crucial drivers of the Portuguese economy, with a competitive export sector, and an increasing presence of global companies.
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Sustainable city
Porto has taken ambitious actions to become a carbon-neutral city by 2030 and enhance the well-being of its citizens through collaborative efforts.
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World-class companies in Porto

Meet their success stories and learn why they choose to invest in Porto.

Luís Silva Santos Luís Silva Santos Ascendi France « Why Porto? It could only be here! »
João Remelgado João Remelgado Bee Engineering France « For us it is obvious that the city's culture is something we identify with. »
Fabrice Segui Fabrice Segui BNP Paribas France « Porto is a strategic location for the group in Europe. »
Idalette Cervaes Idalette Cervaes Bouygues Telecom Services France « Porto is a city full of opportunities, full of promises for international companies like ours, that want to develop themselves and to recruit new talent. »
Celestino Fonseca Celestino Fonseca Chocolataria Equador Portugal « The city has a very special charisma and us being here has precisely to do with that. »
Ahmed Aboulezz Ahmed Aboulezz Concentrix USA « Porto embraces so many different cultures and education establishments, we have been able to bring many diverse and highly qualified people into the business. »
Jochen Diehm Jochen Diehm Continental Engineering Services Germany « Porto is a very well balanced city, rich in culture, rich in nature, and also with a very strong foundation in different industries. »
Christoph Falk-Gierlinger Christoph Falk-Gierlinger Continental Engineering Services Germany « Excellence always succeeds and we have chosen the right place for our company's journey. »
João Brito João Brito Critical Software Portugal « People here have a lot of heart and guts, and that is essential to act boldly. »
Rui Cordeiro Rui Cordeiro Critical TechWorks (BMW Group) Germany / Portugal « Porto has given us this ability to attract human capital and develop knowledge, not only from the city, but also from abroad. »
Paulo Pires Paulo Pires Devexperts Germany « Porto has everything. The talent, the quality of life, the culture, the tech cluster, the ease of travelling. It’s one of the best places on the planet to be. »
Verónica Orvalho Verónica Orvalho Didimo Portugal « People are excited to work here. We are 50 meters from the beach, near to all kinds of amenities. The lifestyle balance is very important. »
Renato Oliveira Renato Oliveira ebankIT Portugal « A city that, with the help of InvestPorto, has helped us grow from Porto to the rest of the world. »
José Veiga José Veiga euPago Portugal « Porto's success, today, is a reflection of history. »
Manuel Bento Manuel Bento Euronext Technologies Netherlands « Quality in the resources and state-of-the-art communications network and data infrastructures, which are fundamental to our activity. »
Isabel Ucha Isabel Ucha Euronext Technologies Netherlands « Within Europe, Portugal - and Porto in particular - was the location that showed availability of talent at competitive costs, when compared with other alternative locations. »
João Maia João Maia FABAMAQ Portugal « The great advantage of being located here in Porto was, without a doubt, the access to talent. »
António Parada António Parada FairJourney Biologics Portugal « Why not give back what I owe to this region? My contribution is to create jobs. »
Luís Teixeira Luís Teixeira FARFETCH Portugal « Porto is the epicentre of a radius with some of the best universities. »
Pedro Barata Pedro Barata Feedzai USA « Why Porto? Because of its positive obsession with innovation and the sheer talent that it offers. »
Afonso Santos Afonso Santos Founders Founders Portugal « If you wanto to achieve equilibrium and quality of live, professionally and personally, only in Porto. »
Rui d'Ávila Rui d'Ávila GFH Portugal « Porto currently offers very important things to those who want to settle here. It has a top-tier international airport and it has a significant capacity of tourism attraction. »
Felipe Ávila da Costa Felipe Ávila da Costa Infraspeak Portugal « I think that Porto, due to the city on its own, but also for its culture and its people, has a truly singular personality that is well aligned with our company's internal culture. »
Ricardo Campos Ricardo Campos ITSCREDIT France « Porto is a fun city to live and work in. »
Alexandre Viana Alexandre Viana ITSector France « One of the European cities with the highest quality of life, either in terms of gastronomy, climate or safety. »
Hugo Conceição Hugo Conceição Jumia Nigeria « Why Porto? Talent, science and engineering. »
Paula Gomes da Costa Paula Gomes da Costa Körber Digital Germany « Porto has a very good talent pool of resources, people are very high qualified and the city overall has very good conditions to foster this talent. »
João Teixeira João Teixeira LIV Student Portugal « Being located in a big city like Porto, it is always easier to attract talent. »
Joana Ribeiro Joana Ribeiro Mercadona Spain « It is one of the main population centres, the city is very well located and it has very good accessibilities and connections. »
Jordi Vilanova Jordi Vilanova Mercan Group Canada « It is diffcult to think about a better place with a better hospitality than Porto. »
Jorge Miranda Jorge Miranda msg life Germany « A place where you will get excellent service, delivered by people with great engineering skills and a proper attitude.»
Ettiene Huret Ettiene Huret Natixis France « Talent people, high level of education, proximity to European capitals and the generosity, the generosity of the place and the generosity of its people. »
Gonçalo Cruz Gonçalo Cruz PlatformE Portugal « Porto is one of the best city to be in. »
Bernardo Trindade Bernardo Trindade PortoBay Flores Switzerland « Why Porto? It is the city of the moment. »
Adérito Ferreira Adérito Ferreira Readiness IT Portugal « We found here, in fact, a port for reaching out to the world. »
Jorge Valdeira Jorge Valdeira Regus Luxembourg « A city to work, a city to live. »
Hugo Neves Hugo Neves Selina Panama « Porto is disruptive. »
Benedita Miranda Benedita Miranda Sitel France « In Porto we are able to achieve a low cost services and at the same time with high quality. »
Frederico Barreto Frederico Barreto Sodexo Business Services France « Porto is a talent hub, already recognized at a global scale. »
Gilles Carlier Gilles Carlier Sodexo Business Services France « Why Porto? Talent! People! »
Márcio Colunas Márcio Colunas SWORD Health USA / Portugal « Porto has a brand that attracts talent, not just because of the quality of life, but also because of all the engaging career opportunities that exist. »
Célio Albuquerque Célio Albuquerque Synopsys USA « There is a close relationship with some of the universities in the area of Porto. »
Marco Oliveira Marco Oliveira Uphold USA / Portugal « Why Porto? It is very easy, 3 words: a big small city. »
João Barros João Barros Veniam Portugal « Porto has a brand that attracts talent, not just because of the quality of life, but also because of all the engaging career opportunities that exist. »
Martin Kaasgaard Martin Kaasgaard Vestas Denmark « Why Porto? It is the quality of the people! »
Tiago Violas Ferreira Tiago Violas Ferreira Violas Ferreira Portugal « We have a river, the sea and urban parks in the city that contribute to this great lifestyle and a very good quality of life. »
João Amaral João Amaral Voltalia France « It is a city with the right size, the moblitiy is quite easy. »
Nuno Godinho Nuno Godinho Yotel Kuwait « Tradition linked to the country's culture and innovation due to the capacity to attract new industries. »
Predrag Poposki Predrag Poposki Zühlke Engineering Germany « There is a huge talent market out here. People with very good working habits, great tech universities and the right mindset. »

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